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While you are outdoors

Photo by: CLyDRN

Watch where you are walking!

Sticking to the paths and trails minimises tick exposure, for yourself, children, and pets. Avoid brushing up against foliage of any kind where ticks may be questing. If you choose to walk off the trails, the use of bug repellent and other preventive measures such as periodic tick checks will be even more important.

The behavior ticks use to attach themselves to an animal or host is called questing. Using their hind legs to cling to tall foliage or grass, they extend their front legs, waiting to climb onto a passing host. Photo by: allysonv via iNaturalistCC BY-NC 4.0

Reapply bug repellent as needed

If spending a long time outdoors, take the spray with you as it may need to be re-applied after 3-10 hours, depending on the product. Check the label of your repellent for specific guidance.

Photo by: CLyDRN

Spread the word!

Share your knowledge of ticks and tick bite prevention and create awareness!

Photo by: CLyDRN